Focus on building your ideas and delighting your users, not fitting libraries and frameworks together. Get started today without the need to rewrite tomorrow.


CFS provides an opinionated full stack focussing on developer productivity, safety and performance.

Curated libraries and Frameworks

  • Best tools in class
  • CFS provides the glue and cross-platform consistent configuration

Guard rails

  • Catch bugs early without sacrificing developer velocity
  • Static type checking from the DB (Postgres) to UI and back
    • API layer is type checked with GraphQL
    • TypeScript types are generated from the GraphQL schema
  • Strict linting (Airbnb) and code formatting (Prettier)
    • Almost everything is autofix on save in VSCode

Production ready

  • No need to mess around with the AWS console
  • Deploy with one command in minutes using Pulumi
  • CI/CD
    • No ๐Ÿ’ฉ gets checked in
    • Run tests automatically on GitHub
    • Pushes to master automatically deploy your full stack
  • Change DB schema safely with migration support

No lock-in

  • CFS is modular - take or leave any framework
  • Don't like Expo? Eject!