Folder Structure

After creation, your project should look something like this:

hasura/ # If hasura backend is selected
mobile/ # If mobile is included
pulumi-aws/ # If pulumi aws cloud is selected
server/ # If apollo-server-express backend is selected
web/ # If web is included

common/ contains shared mobile and web code. Any updates to common must first be built before used in mobile/ or web/.

cd packages/common
yarn build
# Or to constantly check for updates
yarn watch

If changes are made to any .graphql files you must update the TS types and React hooks.

yarn generate
# Or to constantly check for updates
yarn generate --watch

mobile/ and web/ share a similar folder structure.


containers/ includes React routes or React Native navigation screens. components/ includes any other react components used in the containers. If components are container specific, it's preferred to include them in the container itself. utils/ includes common TS utility functions.